Film & Media Studies Theory

Whitman College – FMS 387

Jade B-W

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My name is Jade Blake-Whitney. I was born in Germany and have lived in a few different cities throughout my life, but I spent most of my childhood and schooling-years in Seattle, WA. However, this summer my family moved again (hopefully for the last time…) to Atherton, CA in Menlo Park. I spent a few weeks there this summer and absolutely loved it!

I am a Film & Media Studies major and my interest in media is heavily contemporary. While I find it interesting to learn about history of media and film, my true passion is in what myself and millions of other 20-somethings engage in TODAY. That is: social media, modern celebrity culture, and lots and lots of television. Copious amounts. I like to think I’ve seen a lot of TV shows but the truth is there are so many more I still need to watch. In fact, I started a blog this summer to sort through my thoughts and opinions of episodes, seasons, characters, production details and interviews.

One of my favorite media consumptions right now though is BuzzFeed. My dream would be to intern for them as a Video Production Assistant next summer. To find something like BuzzFeed that links together my social media consumer passion with  my desire to work on a television set or in production is amazing, and certainly is a career path I am thinking of pursuing. Additionally, I was also really inspired by the director of “Holy Rollers” who came to Whitman last year. I would LOVE to get involved in some documentary projects like that (everyone should go watch “Craigslist Joe” on Netflix. Loved it.)

Looking forward to this class!


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