Film & Media Studies Theory

Whitman College – FMS 387

John Harris Coppinger, the first of his name

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Hey, I didn’t see you over there. My name is John Coppinger, but since my dad, and his dad, and his dad are also John, I go by Jack, as is custom. I was born and raised in Oakland CA, and I am majoring both in history and in film.

Previously I have taken Intro to Film Studies, and both Intermediate and Advanced Filmmaking; currently I am taking FMS-150 as well as this theory class. Over the summer I worked at a studio called Filmsight Productions and assisted in the production of a documentary entitled “We Got the Power!” about renewable energy in California, helped create a database for/organized the companies broll, and assisted with several shoots. I am very interested with the actual filmmaking portion of the film industry, particularly documentary film.

My favorite media products would be HBO and CSN-BA (Go Giants). I am an extremely passionate fan of the San Francisco Giants, and have been since I was but a lad, as was my father before (the bandwagon is to small for my fandom-ship-ness). I am also extremely devoted, in terms of my fandom, to the San Francisco 49ers, the San Jose Sharks, the Golden State Warriors, and the CAL Golden Bears. I also follow the Oakland A’s, as they are my hometown team, but not the Raiders since, and I don’t care what anyone says, they will always be the LA Raiders. Suffice it to say, working in sports media, especially baseball, would be my dream job.

At Whitman I am a member of the varsity baseball team, am the PA announcer at many fall semester sporting events, and I host a weekly radio show entitled “The Rainbow Pancake Breakfast Club” on KWCW 90.5 FM.

Currently my favorite show is HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. It appeals to both sides of me, as it is set in the time period which is the focus of my historical studies, and features HBO’s classic brand of violence, sex, lack of care for who dies (they’ve killed of both my favorite character, and then my replacement favorite), and high quality production.




also i love the dark knight. 


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