Film & Media Studies Theory

Whitman College – FMS 387

Meleeya S

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My name is Meleeya Schwartz, I am a Junior and a FMS major. I am proudly from Kansas City, MO, yet I moved to the Kansas side of Kansas City over the summer. As a Missouri girl through and through, it was a devastating blow (I really am being dramatic since I only moved a mile across the state line). Other than moving, I did have an internship at a small production company, where I was a production intern. I gained probably the most useful knowledge; I have decided I want to pursue a career as a producer.


I came to Whitman having some sort of idea that film was maybe a path I wanted to explore (sounds like a freshman), so I took Intro to Film Studies. However, it really wasn’t until I took Intro to TV Studies that I was hooked. Television is definitely the media that I am most interested in, as Jade said in her post, I have interest in the history of film, but modern television is what gets me. Which is why my summer basically revolved around television. Most of my free time was spent watching television, whether it was watching, and subsequently getting my mom and hooked on, Veronica Mars (SO EXCITED FOR THE MOVIE), my extreme guilty pleasure, Pretty Little Liars, or anything I could find on Netflix.


Other than taking Intro to Film Studies and Intro to TV Studies, I have taken both Filmmaking courses and Gender in the Media.


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