Film & Media Studies Theory

Whitman College – FMS 387

Nathan F.

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Hi!  My name is Nathan Fisher.  I was born in Tacoma, Washington (not affectionately nicknamed Tacompton).  I currently reside in Anderson as the C-Sec RA and am a Junior here at Whitman.  I had a little too much fun this summer when I decided to make the theme for my section Despicable Me.  Naturally I placed myself as Gru and made all of my residents my minions…Feel free to come hang out or watch tv and movies with me because I always love the company of non-freshmen (even though I love my kids to death).


Currently I am a Math and Film double major.  I have taken Intro to Film, Post-Katrina Media, and Hollywood Stardom.  I am also currently taking the course on Mad Men right now as well.  Even in high school I was a huge movie fan and when I came to Whitman I was placed in Jewett with my roommate Tom Barber.  He and I watched so many movies together and share a love for a lot of similar television shows.  He was actually the one that convinced me to take Intro to Film my sophomore year which (like Tom says in his post) is the reason why I am a Film major.

51HNXQS7Q1L-1(My favorite movie!)


Some of my favorite things to think about are the box office results every weekend.  I always get up early Monday morning and bring up the results for the weekend and track how movies are doing week to week and compared to the same months in the past.  My favorite media product has to be film and trailers.  I always have to get to the theater early so that I can make it in time to see all of the trailers for the upcoming movies (even if I don’t plan on seeing the movies when they come out).  I am also the movie reviewer for the Pio so you can usually see me at the theater on Fridays seeing a movie.




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