Film & Media Studies Theory

Whitman College – FMS 387

Noelle Butler

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Hello! My name is Noelle, and I am a sophomore here at Whitman. I am from Bend, Oregon (which for those of you who are not familiar with it, is in the central part of Oregon). I have been interested in Film and Media Studies for pretty much my entire life. Although the interest may have morphed over the years, I have always loved movies. When I got to Whitman, I thought I would take a film studies course more for my amusement than anything else, but I quickly realized that that was not all I wanted it to be. I had sort of a “stop kidding yourself” moment, you could say. I then decided that I wanted to major in FMS, and take my love of movies to the next level. I declared at the end of last year, and am thinking of pairing this major with French for a double major. Here at Whitman, I have taken the Intro to Film and Media Studies course, as well as the class centered around Gender and Sexuality in the Media.

As I said above, I LOVE movies. I think that that love came from my family, and how we would always sit around and watch them together. My brother has always been very into the more technical side of movies, and he taught me a lot about how they were made, as well as showed me many directors that he found to be interesting and talented. Now I love to watch movies and think about all of the work that goes into them, and also analyze characters and their motives for their actions. I also find it interesting to see many movies by the same director and compare them, looking at style choices and genre. As Meg hinted at in her post, I am a very big fan of Wes Anderson. I have seen all of his movies numerous times. Part of what I love about him is the way that he has created a style that is so uniquely his own (with music and cinematography). He also creates such rich characters that make the storyline almost unimportant, or at least less important. Obviously to a degree it still matters, but I could honestly watch some of his characters just interacting in one room for two hours and be just as entertained. I am also very interested in Jean-Pierre Jeunet (who directed Amelie and many other lovely French films). I kind of love him for the same reason that I love Wes Anderson. The unique style that he makes his movies in is just so compelling to me, with certain camera shots that are repeated, and the use of different sounds. I am a huge fan of many other directors, such as Paul Thomas Anderson, Jim Jarmusch, Martin Scorsese, and Woody Allen (and more). I am also interested in other sides of media as well. I watch a lot of different television shows, and on top of that am very interested in the sides of media I don’t know as much about, such as blogs and magazines, or other such mediums.



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