Film & Media Studies Theory

Whitman College – FMS 387

Todo Sobre Mi Madre

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Pedro Almodovar’s All About My Mother explores many of the themes that I noticed throughout Williams’ essay. The film focuses much on motherhood, and the suffering surrounding being a woman. It is clear that she has given up everything to be a mother, and to care for her son, only to have him taken away from her. The film addresses, through her journey back to her origin and attempt to -in a sense- become a mother again, a “parental fantasy of possessing a child” (615), and  “utopian desire that it not be too late to reemerge with the other who was once part of the self” (615). It is, in a sense, representative of “feminine masochistic suffering” as Manuela suffers throughout the whole movie, trying to find herself after her purpose seems to have vanished, bringing tears to audiences’ eyes everywhere. There is, however, “a component of either power of pleasure for the woman victim,” which is established through the themes of female empowerment and success in the film (610).



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