Film & Media Studies Theory

Whitman College – FMS 387

The “Male Weepie”

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The movie 50/50 is a prime example of William’s notion of the “male weepie” as articulated on page 611. The movie is centered around Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character who is diagnosed with are rare spinal tumor and given a 50% chance of survival, fulfilling the obvious melodramic role of the sick woman. He and his best friend, played by Seth Rogan, deal with the implications of his diagnosis, and display genuine care for each other, engaging in the “activation of the previously repressed emotions of men” and break the taboo against “male-to-male hugs and embraces” (611). By doing so, the characters help usher in a “new femininity of men” (611).

Furthermore, this was one of those films that made me leave the theater like oh shit man, all the feels, all the feels up in here. Thus, banking on personal experience, this movie is a serious “male weepie.” 





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